Social Media Coaching Holiday Offer!

Gift social media coaching.
Still trying to figure out the perfect holiday gift for an older loved one in your family? Consider the gift of one-on-one social media coaching. Social media, especially Facebook, is an excellent tool for keeping in touch with family.
Silver Surfers  is offering a one-time Holiday Package of:


This is a $20 discount from our standard 3-hour package.

Why Silver Surfers is the best choice for social media coaching:

  • Our coaching sessions are offered at your choice of location. We come to you!
  • The coaching sessions can be scheduled as two 1.5-hour sessions or three 1-hour sessions.
  • While we start with a basic lesson plan on the preferred social media platform, we respond to what the client wants to learn.
  • We teach on the client’s preferred device and can provide basic how-tos for new smartphones, tablets and laptops.

We provide training for these popular social media and digital tools:

iPhones / iPads
Internet Browsing / Safety
Email Programs

How to order (and the fine print):

Call the number below or fill out the Holiday Offer Request Form. We will respond promptly.
The fine print:
1. Coaching provided within 25-mile radius of Longmont.
2. Sessions may be scheduled beginning Jan. 4, 2016 and must be completed by July 1, 2016.
3. You will be billed by mail for the holiday offer; lessons cannot be scheduled until payment is received. (Checks only.)
4. A gift certificate will be provided. It can be emailed, mailed or hand delivered (depending on your location).

Call 720.491.1892


Fill out the Holiday Offer Request Form


What customers are saying:

“Diana so patiently helped me set up a Facebook page and explained how to navigate all the mysteries of what was my first foray into “social media.” Who knew a 75-year-old could learn to love such a fun thing. Now I “post” and “comment” and “share” with all my kids, grandkids, and friends near and far. It opened up a new world, or I guess I should say it kept me in the new world. I feel sorry for some of my friends who refuse to embrace anything new because it scares them. They just need Diana’s tender touch.”

Jo, age 75