Learn social networking with Silver Surfers at Boulder Senior Services

Are you a life-long learner? Take a social networking class this summer and embrace the digital age.
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Are you using social media tools to stay in touch with loved ones far away and to reconnect with friends from days gone by? You should be! Studies show that social media and the Internet have become an important tool for reducing isolation and loneliness among older adults.

Silver Surfers Digital Media is offering a series of summer classes through Boulder Senior Services that explore social networking. Learn what it is, how to secure your safety and privacy while using it and get started by setting up a Facebook account.

When registering for the classes taught by Silver Surfers Digital Media, refer to the six-digit code or the name of the class.

Register in person or by phone:
West Senior Center, 909 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder, CO 80302, (303) 441-3148
East Senior Center, 5660 Sioux Drive, Boulder, CO 80303, (303) 441-4150

Register online at Boulder Senior Services by clicking here.

Explore Social Networking
242735 – West Senior Center | Thursday, Jun. 23 | 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. | $25

This workshop will serve as a great introduction to the most popular online social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Yelp, Meetup and more. If you’re curious about social networking, nervous about trying it, or just wondering what it’s all about, this course will be great for you.
Learn Safety and Privacy for Social Networking
242736 – West Senior Center | Thursday, 28. 23 | 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. | $25
Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest have become an integral part of our online lives and are a great way to stay connected. But ow much sharing is too much? This class will help you learn how to manage your online experience in a safe and secure way.
Get Started with Social Networking: Facebook 101
242737 – West Senior Center | Thursday, Aug. 25 | 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. | $25
This class will demonstrate the basics of setting up and using a personal Facebook account including posting and sharing photos, finding friends, commenting on posts and managing your privacy settings. Will include time for Q & A.

Explore social networking this summer. Register for one of our classes at Boulder Senior Services.

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