Why Social Media is Good for Boomers and Seniors

Hand pointing at tablet screen
Now that you have a better understanding of what social media is from a serious and a not-so-serious perspective, the next step is to figure out if it will be beneficial for you.

You shouldn’t be on Facebook (or Twitter or Pinterest or any social network) because a friend or family member said so. Do it for yourself – because you think it will be worthwhile.

According to an October 2015 report from the Pew Research Center, 35% of seniors age 65 and older use social media today (compared to just 2% in 2005). And there are a number of reasons why seniors are finding social media more attractive.

Benefits of Social Media for Older Adults

  1. Reconnect with the past. The Pew research showed that social networking users are much more likely to reconnect with people from their past and these renewed connections can provide a powerful support network.
  1. Find online support for health problems. Through networking sites such as PatientsLikeMe, seniors can find both practical information and emotional support.
  1. Bridge generational gaps. The children and grandchildren of older adults use social media to document their daily lives through photos, videos and updates. Social media provides a place for the generations to easily intersect and communicate.
  2. Share what you know. Do you have a wealth of information about a specific topic, like gardening? Pictures of your zucchini? Advice about getting rid of hornworms. Social media is the perfect place to share it – whether it’s with friends on Facebook or other gardeners on Pinterest.
  3. Be entertained. Get a good laugh from a funny video (see the oldie but goodie below), read a blog post, play a word game with a friend in another state (or country!), or listen to music.

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